Saturday, December 20, 2008


Hello all, I'd like to welcome you all to 2009, aka, our year.

In case you missed my life altering blog during most of the month of December, I'm happy to let you know that I'm back. Here's to Moving Forward.

Heading down Jos. Campau with my father and sister, after having a feast at Polish Village Cafe, the mission was finding great Polish sausage. The good folks at Detroityes had given me suggestions on where to look, so I had an idea of where I was going. I was told that Srodeck's, Bozeks, Kopytko, Polish Market, Stan's and Markowzycz are the best in the area.

We started off at Kopytko market on the south end of Hamtram on Jos. Campau. The market is on bottom of a stand alone structure and has a bit of a raggedy appearance on the outside. The three of us went straight to the meet counter to start ordering sausage, passing by the 80 year old woman peeling garlic in the corner. I was told to ask for lean chuck sausage, dried for seven days. Later I cut up the lean chuck and fried it along side some eggs. Needless to say, it was mighty tasty. We also picked up some Kabinosa aka hunter's sausage which was great for snacking. Lastly we tried some chunky smoked kielbasa. I'm sure its a delicacy if you really know your sausage, but I just wasn't amenable to its look and texture. Basically it looks like your small intestine and it wobbles back and forth when shaken. As people said in college (not me of course), it's my stizz.

Kopytko also carries fresh kielbasa, smoked liver sausage, and kiszka. Additionally they carry potato and cheese, sauerkraut, and mushroom pierogies. I advise taking a trip to hamtown to check out Kopytko for yourself, but if you can't you can order most of their products online. They ship anywhere. Take a look at Kopytko Meat Market

Next we turned back, heading North on Jos. Campau, where we ran into Srodeck's market on the West side of the street. Srodek's is bigger than Kopytko and is stocked with more goods. Meats, sausages and pickles line the showcase where an older Polish gentlemen took orders, resigned to his present position as the resident expert on Polish fare. "How are you today?", my father asked him as we walked in. "Alright I guess," he told us with a sigh. Typical Detroiter response in my estimation and probably reasonable concerning the state of things in 2008.

The economy was of no consequence to the man in front of us from Windsor. He told us how he makes the special trip to Hamtramck multiple times a year just to pick up some tasty pig products for his wife and daughter who seemingly can't get enough of it. The first product he had us try was something made from pig intestines topped off with a flesh colored gelatin. He told us that when he wants a little midnight snack he just eats a scoop of this stuff. It actually tasted pretty good, but based on its texture and description, my mind wouldn't let me enjoy it. We tried a few different sausages on the man from Windsor's reccommendation, but we ended up playing it safe and buying more of the hunter's sausage which we had first tried at Koptyko.

Besides sausage and Polish meat, Srodeck's also carries all types of Pierogi, Golabki aka stuffed cabbage, and Polish beer including Zywiec. Earlier we had tried Zywiec while eating at Polish Village Cafe. It was originally founded in 1852 and nationalized after World War II. Heineken acquired it in the 1990's making it a little more commercialized, but still very good nonetheless.

After we finished purchasing way more sausage than any human actually needed, we thanked everyone who helped us. On our way out, a kid, presumabley from somewhere in the area, stopped in and bought a pound of bacon. My father, sister, and I all nodded in approval. The bacon is for next time.

I still have plenty more sausage tasting to do in Hamtramck. I'm looking forward to checking out Markowzycz, Stan’s, Polish Market, and Bozeks. Below are some photographs from Kopytko and Srodek's. The entire Kopytko flickr set can be found here and Srodeck's here.

Kopytko Meat Market
8609 Joseph Campau St.
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 873-4210

9601 Joseph Campau St.
Hamtramck, MI 48212
(313) 871-8080

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Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Indeed, I have missed your blogs!

Anonymous said...

Since coming back to the Detroit area, I did venture to Hamtramack one year to Kopytko and the next to Srodek's...both great experiences. But then I found saw a review of the Polish Market in Troy (close to home), and I have to say that I am one blown away foodie!! I just went today, Polish heaven right there.

Unknown said...

There is no better place to purchase pierogi, sausage, kraut, and soups. Nothing but fresh and loaded with quality. The only filler from a dinner of Srodek's food is the beer I wash it down with! Their service and presentation of the food is first class. Clean and abundant.
Go Srodek's! Go Hamtramck!

Unknown said...

Nothing like the real deal and the only place to purchase the real deal is Srodek's on Jos. Campau in Hamtramck. The best Pierogi, the best Sausage, and the best kraut. The fresh soups are primo!
Go anywhere else first. Then come to Srodek's and plant the trees because you will never go elsewhere again.
Great staff. Impressively clean and abundant presentation of authentic Polish food!