Sunday, December 16, 2007

Free Press Driving Tour of Detroit City

Bill McGraw of the Detroit Free Press drove through the entire city of Detroit this summer. I haven't watched all the videos yet, but I'll let you know when I do. I just watched the first one and it seems that this series could be very interesting. The link is below and part of the entry title.

Detroit Free Press Driving Tour of Detroit City
Detroit Army

Monday, December 10, 2007

Detroit is on the New York Times "53 Places to Visit in 2008"

Alright, so I'm basically done with finals for my first semester of my third year of law school. This third year is such a waste of time and money. It is somewhat of a traveshamockery that law schools are allowed to charge $30,000 for a year that is basically useless and unecessary. Law school could easily be done in two years, maybe even one and a half. Oh well... Anyway, now that I am done, I'll be able to post more frequently, which should be exciting for my loyal readers. Detroit is number 40 on the New York Times' list of 53 places to visit in 2008. There are only about 5 or 6 American cities/places on the list. Detroit falls right after San Francisco at #39. I bet you never thought these two cities would be in the same sentence. The blurb on Detroit doesn't really detail very much but mentions the new casinos and the reopening of the DIA after the renovations that just finished up last month. The New York Times seems to continually give Detroit good press. The description is below...


Historically crime-ridden Detroit may not spring to mind as a hot tourist spot, but don't tell that to the city's bullish hoteliers. Newcomers include the MGM Grand Detroit (, the MotorCity Casino Hotel ( in an old Wonder Bread factory and the historic Book Cadillac Hotel, being transformed into a Westin ( Plus, the Detroit Institute of Arts ( just reopened after a $158 million renovation."

Like I said, there isn't too much to the description, but considering this is one of the most read stories on the New York Times website, it can only be a good thing.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Quicken Post Addendum

I just wanted to add an addendum to the previous post and the details and possibilities swirling around the Quicken Loans move. The announcement that the company's headquarters are moving downtown is positively a good thing. I've talked to others who have been privy to the fact that Quicken would move to Detroit and some questions that ensued included, "Why are you so happy about this announcement when for all intents and purposes you have known this was going to happen for the past two years." My response is, yes, I had an inkling that this would happen and the rumor was that Detroit was Gilbert's first choice, but he had made no definitive statements, only cryptic teasers. Moreover, the fact that he did make this definitive statement that he is moving his headquarters to Detroit lets individuals out of the loop, but who have an interest in our area, the opportunity to see that a smart successful and wealthy man has confidence in not only Detroit, but the state of Michigan for the future. I honestly believe that perceptions is half the battle. The fact of the matter is that he could have picked Cleveland.
Additionally, I've heard that we are just taking a headquarters located in metro Detroit and putting it in the city of Detroit at the detriment of the suburb (Livonia). There is some truth to this. Detroit's gain is Livonia's loss. I will agree that while it is good that Quicken is moving, our ultimate goal will need to be to bring new companies and companies from other states into ours. Yet, the reality of the matter is that almost every successful big metropolitan area in this country has a centralized location where much of the business transactions, entertainment, and gatherings occur. To centralize many of our resources, we must to make Detroit the center of our metropolitan area. Not only does taking Quicken from Livonia centralize more of these resources, but along with it will come spin-off business to cater to those workers and possible residents, which will continue to add to the reincarnation of Downtown Detroit. I will add that while the Quicken move is great,
Believe me, I realize that the news yesterday wasn't anything I hadn't heard over the past two years, but a definitive answer from Gilbert fully substantiates those rumors. This is good. Accept it as good. Enjoy what has transpired, enjoy the confidence Gilbert has, and enjoy a positive news story. Enjoy being a Detroiter.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Detroit Army Facebook Group

Here is the facebook group I started if anyone is interested. I'm trying to start some discussion within the group which hasn't been so successful, but it will be in due time. Don't worry.

Detroit Army

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Blame the auto industry or embrace it and contribute?

As the first semester of my 3L year begins to wind down, it's about that time to start writing papers and studying for finals. It's probably not the best time to start converting my thoughts and facebook/myspace group into a blog, but considering no one is reading this (yet), i'd guess that no one is going to lose sleep over the small number of posts throughout the next month. Anyway, I saw this quote in Crains Detroit today. I'll give credit to the person who said it, but thats besides the point. It's a novel idea and one to take note of. I think the quote can stand alone.

When asked about the auto industry's stuggles, Lynn Drake-Batts, senior associate with UGL Equis Corp. said,
“You can blame the automotive industry, or you can be thankful this industry is here and look for other industries to bring to the area.”
Detroit Army